My Brother: My Best Friend

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From as long as I can remember my brother has always been my best friend, we have always been adjoined at the hip, despite our seven-year age gap. Our relationship has aged equivalently to a fine scotch, becoming more robust and smoother with time. Though disjoined by hundreds of miles our bond remains unyielding as if we still live in the same house. As I prepared to leave for college, I had time to reflect on some of the moments spent with my brother. Although all some of the times spent together have been tumultuous, I couldn’t ask for a better brother.
My earliest retrospection of my trust in my brother took place in my first month of pre-school. Everything progressed fluently until I found myself in a situation, most four years don’t
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Although my brother and I are extremely close still a fair share of sibling disputes were be had among us. The pinnacle of these disputes is the bathroom incident and the memories mar my mind. Around the same my brother saved me from the doom of a tornado he subjected me to a terror I still carry today. I Growing up we lived in a three-bedroom house, two rooms on the top floor and one the main floor. My brother’s room was located on the main floor away from my parents, being the oldest and required less supervision than I. The distance between rooms made it harder for my parents to hear what he was doing on the main floor, leaving me to susceptible to the hero turn villain who I called brother. Like the mass majority of siblings we argued about me being in his room, and how I shouldn’t be, and all his evil older brother glory surmised a plan to keep me out of his room once and for all. First, he set the trap of leaving his door wide open, knowing four year-old me could not resist. Once his trap was set he all was left for him to do was snatch me up. My fate was sealed as soon I stepped foot in the door. Snatching me up my brother placed a basket over my boy and sat heavy books on top, thinking my captivity was the worst of my troubles until he turned off the lights and locked the door. Alone and in the dark I struggled to get free, for what seemed like hours alone in isolation, my dad finally came to find me. Even though my brother was severely punished for his egregious behavior, it did not matter to me because my fear of the dark still last to this