My Career In Medicine

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Ever since I could remember, I have been in and out of hospitals. Unlike most kids, the hospital and doctor’s office was my favorite place to go, and I enjoyed every second of it. The reason this brought me so much joy was getting to go to work with my father. He was a Physician’s Assistant at a local rural hospital, nursing home, and family clinic. They were all connected and all equally exciting to me as a five-year-old. Until I was old enough, my father would drop me off at the nurses’ station while he did his rounds, and while waiting, I loved to eat the free Jell-O, see all the x-rays, and visit with the patients as they roamed up and down the halls. As I got older, my father brought me along during his rounds through the hospital …show more content…
With every biology class I took, the human body and every cell it was made of continued to amaze me. I wanted to learn more than what the classroom had to offer so I started talking to my father about a career in the medical field which only deepened my passion. From a young age my father instilled in me the importance of rural medicine and what it means to the community. Working in a rural area that was deprived of primary physicians, my father saw the need for this role to be filled and encouraged me to fill it.

As my goal of becoming a doctor became clear, other things in my life seemed to fall in to place. This further motivated me towards my goal, and different experiences equipped me with the skills need to achieve it. I became driven and determined in my studies and never wavered. I challenged my self in every way I could in my academics like enrolling in the Honors college at Louisiana Tech. I prioritized my academic before anything while still being involved in multiple extracurricular activities. Once I set my mind to this career goal, I wanted nothing more to become a
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Through various roles in different organizations, I was given the opportunity to truly love on people and the community. I have seen how each role is vital and can make a difference. Not only have these leadership roles given me opportunities to volunteer, but they have shaped who I am today. Each role has taught me something different about myself that I never would have discovered without it. One example is serving as a vice president of my sorority, I managed to break out of my shy nature, overcome my fear of public speaking, improve in my conflict-resolution skills, and learn how to time manage better than most college students. This role also reaffirmed my passion for serving people. In this position, I help my fellow sisters on academic probation come up with plans and actions to improve their academic standings. All of this encouraged me and given me the confidence necessary to start my career in medicine.

The impact that physicians have on not just their patients but the community is inspiring. My dream is to be part of a rural family clinic where I get to be a part of the community. Like my father, I hope to form relationships with patients and watch them as they grow old. The patients are the most meaningful thing about this profession to me. I hope to one day work