My Cat Olivia Essay

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Donna Serpico April 6, 2013 English 105 Instructor Tiedt

My Cat Olivia
Olivia, my cat for over three and a half years has a very diverse lifestyle. She’s often cat napping, eating, or grooming each day. Although I know she engages in these behaviors, I’ve never taken the time to study how. I know now, by really studying the details of her actions and the personality she has while performing these behaviors. What would I learn about Olivia if I really observed her in action? I’m intrigued…ok it’s a plan! I’m going to observe Olivia and document every detail I observe. I bet Olivia’s behaviors are more complicated and calculated than I imagine. When finished I’ll have a deeper insight into a cat’s behavior and specifically my girl Olivia.
Very excited about what I’m about to discover I sit at the kitchen table and begin to observe Olivia. It’s early in the morning, 7:13 to be exact and she is sitting and starring out the back door. Sun is glaring through and warming her face. She visibly enjoys the heat while she begins to clean her fur. Starting from her tail she slowly makes progress to soften the stiffness of her patted down mane caused by her sleeping. Aggressively and with the precision of a laser she entertains every detail making sure each part is as perfect as the last. Seeming like this is going on for an eternity it suddenly stops! She detects a quick flash go by the door. She quickly jerks her head up and spots her orange friend strutting past. The excitement rages through her body like lightening through a warm summer night’s sky. Olivia springs up and jolts across the house to another window trying to keep him in her sights as he continues his travels. Suddenly my daughter turns on the vacuum transporting Olivia into scaredy cat mode, crouching her body while she rockets for cover under the couch. Once realizing the vacuum isn’t chasing her she slithers out from under the couch bullets into the kitchen and jumps onto the counter. Tensed and like a hawk watching its prey, she follows the powerful machine as it is being pushed across the floor. The sound it makes causes Olivia to be wide eyed and hypnotized by its every movement. Finally it stops and the noise suddenly vanishes. I can see the relief in Olivia’s body, her posture is relaxed and her eyes back to normal. She hops off the counter and with her tail held high its back to play time. Her eyes wander the perimeter of the room, she looks pensive and curious. I’ve seen this expression numerous times, “where’s my mouse?” I know this is what she’s thinking. She continues to search the room without any movement other than the piercing expression on her face. Unable to locate her goal, weariness sets in as her eyes become heavy and begin to close, knowing the peacefulness and tranquility of sleep. She gradually strolls toward her bed and immediately plops down and curls herself into a half circle. Her head resting on her crossed front legs, her eyes close fully and she falls into a deep sleep.
Twenty two minutes pass and all of a sudden Olivia stirs, in the quite I hear her stomach rumble .She begins looking around inquisitively so I call to her asking, “What’s wrong?” She instantaneously turns toward me and meows numerously in her own cat like melody as if responding to my question. She rises up so quickly that her stance becomes unsupported and she falls over her bed. This doesn’t stop her determination to see what I will do next. Regaining her composure she stretches her front legs out while simultaneously yawning widely. I say “treat?” and she loses all control, springing into action like a jackrabbit in a race, she beats me to the kitchen knowing exactly where they are. She sits like a statue waiting for her reward, her expression is priceless. She is anxious and eager like a kid in a candy shop. While looking up at me, her expression seems to say, “Treat, where’s my treat?” “Hurry up I need my treat!”