My Characters: Buffy As A Vampire Slayer

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So I started drawing about a month ago, maybe two but anyway. I have made a few different characters. I’ve made my character, her name is willow, Archelle’s character, Spike, Sam D’s character, Buffy, I’ve also drawn a character called Oz, but I don’t draw him anymore, and my final character is called the dark one. I haven’t found anyone to be him yet but I will find someone eventually. I would say he is the shortest out of all my characters; he has spiked hair and a lot of muscles. No pupils though, the only reason he has no pupils id because of the way I drew his eyes, pupils just didn’t look right. He is also the youngest of the characters. He is 14 years old and all my other characters are 15 or 16. Well Back to my character now. Willow is the second tallest, she has a saying that goes “DON’T MESS WITH ME I WILL KILL YOU”. I have drawn her in a bikini, as a vampire (which is kind of weird because Buffy is a vampire slayer), as dark Willow(which is where is goes psycho and gets involved with dark magic), and then the original drawing I drew of Willow which is where she is just standing there with a tight strapless tank-top and a tight pair of blue jeans. Then there’s Buffy. I’ve drawn Buffy walking down a sidewalk locking arms with Spike(and she is blushing even darker than the darkest apple), as a vampire(which is very weird because Buffy is a vampire slayer), stalking a newly risen vampire an a beach at night with a spike in her hand ready to spring out and kill