My Childhood Memory Essay

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Wyatt Horton
Mrs. Overy
English 10-7
10 October 2012
My Childhood Memory Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to a country where life is difficult and is lived, day-to-day, while barely scraping by? Well, it is disturbingly different compared to our lives, here, in the United States. We have it easy, we live extravagantly, we live comfortably, while Nicaraguans live in decrepit, gloomy homes that are in shambles, with no running water, and no heating or cooling. I went to Nicaragua, thinking that what I had just described was all that this country was made of, but I found more. I discovered new things, and explored new places. In Nicaragua, I realized that Nicaraguans can’t do very many things for enjoyment. They, no offence meant, are dirt poor. The pay that they work for is just a fraction of what minimum wage employees earn here in the U.S. When I went down there, I was living like a king, with very little exaggeration used. We could eat wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We could drive as often as we wanted, not having to worry about what we paid in gas prices. We could do many of the local activities, most of which, we’re so close to the locals, but none of them could ever do them themselves, because they were so poor. I went zip lining through the forest, which was incredible. I surfed on the most beautiful beaches ever, and I had never thought that I would do anything that amazing in my life. The discoveries had given me the urge to seek more. I was on a mission. I realized that amazing new experiences were right under my nose! So I tried new things that I never thought that I would. I ate star fruit, fried iguana, live mussels, and crab prepared in fantastic ways. It was incredible! I even tried insanely popular drinks that haven’t even been released in the U.S. yet, drinks like 28 Black, a drink similar to RedBull. After all of this, I was still hungry, not for food, but for adventure. So I decided to explore. Boy, did I explore. There were so many new and interesting places that I could just stumble upon, I just had to take the initiative. Empty, beautiful beaches, dimly lit forests that were