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Career Life Planning
Period 1
Stanford University Why college is a good choice to be after highschool! So it will help you start your life and have a good career. So the college that your going to learn about is Stanford University. Why Stanford University is a good choice for me and others is because its a good educational, and it can really help you get a good career or help you get the career you always wanted. Stanford University is my choice of college because it can help me with what I really want to be in life. But if I already have a job/career set then college can help me suceed in it. To improve my skills/talent, and to be more cautious about what and how I'm doing my work. Stanford University is my ideal choice of college to attend because its open to different people. But I need a 4.0 GPA average or higher to be notice or accepted. Also, the cost is very high so I hope I get a 4.0 for all the years in highschool so I can get a scholarship. If I dont get a scholarship then I dont think I would ever get in to Stanford University. Stanford University is my choice for college because it would help me take a big step towards life. It gives out the major I wanted to learn about and help me be one of those employees for that career. It has 600 clubs and organization, pools, golf courses, gym, ect. Also, it would let me meet new people from around the world. One of the reasons why Stanford University is not a good choice for me is beacuse its far from home and the