My Client Tina is in a Depression Essay

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General Psychology
Project July 08, 2014

My client Tina is in a Depression.

Tina visit my office at least once a week, and she will be advised to remain a client for the next few months. Thursday April 5 Tina knocked on my door at two o’clock for her therapy session. I am therapist Tracy Ford. I greeted Tina at the door with pleasantries, and told her to come in and have a seat on the couch. I ask her to begin by telling me how she feel today.

The story of Tina is her parents died in a terrible automobile wreck when she was seven years old. Tina had to live with her grandparents who love her so much. She began expressing disturbing behavior in her childhood. Her grandparents did all they could to help her deal with the loss of her parents. Then at the age of eighteen her grandparents was diagnosis with cancer. Her grandmother had colon cancer and her grandfather had prostate cancer.

Tina was twenty-one years old when her grandparents died. She was on her own. She was employed at a restaurant where she was severely burn. Tina begin to fall into a deep depression. She begin to drink large amount of alcohol beverages. Tina also surrounded herself with the company of many men. In a destructing behavior. In Tina unconscious mind her thoughts and behavior frequently involve looking at her childhood experiences.

I diagnosis Tina with Psychoanalytic Therapy. This is a form of talk- therapy as Tina and I spend session together. I listen as a therapist at the difficult experiences in her life. The role in her mind of her parents in her life, and the short time they had together. The grandparents dying when she was twenty-one. As a therapist, I set an empathetic and none judgemental environment where Tina can feel safe in revealing her feeling or action that have led to her stress, tension, and depression in life.

When she share her burden with me this is beneficial in therapy. I suggested a moderate medication in a prescription; because, Tina is very nervous at times. Working through the treatment process with the client