my college detyermination Essay

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My College Determination
Noelia Roman
Keiser University
I was a young mom with goals of attending college, but due to my circumstances I wasn’t able to do so right after high school. As years went by, marriage and more children came in the picture; that was great but it seemed though life was passing me by. I felt a sense of emptiness when it came to being that successful lawyer I always dreamed of being. I wanted a career, something that I would look forward to and also took joy in doing. I have 3 girls and I want to show them that anything is achievable but that comes with education. First lets start off with the proven statistics, that college educated people earn more than others. You will have a higher life time earnings, figures vary from several hundred thousand to a million dollars or more over your life time. You will also experience indirect financial benefits. Having a degree wont overnight improve your credit score but having a good job that you got because of your degree can increase your credit score. Of course, while getting a college degree comes with big financial pros it has its down falls as well, with many students graduating with substantial debt. For most, this debt will be worth the cost as the potential for future earnings far outweighs their initial investment.
Secondly, establishing your own business is like controlling your own destiny. A good reason to own a business is the ability to direct the culture of you company, in other words you’re in the driver’s seat, you’re making the decisions on how best to steer your company into the future. When your able to make your own decisions about how best to operate day to day, this leads to creating a culture, a brand and an organization. Your allowed to create your own schedule that fits in your most important and personal life; your family. You will be the one that decides on who you want to work around; can you say the same