My Cultural Identity

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Bowl of Nationalities
My identity, I ask myself what am I made of?, what represents me as a person?. As I read articles and collaborated in discussions in class, I realized that I actually did have a culture. I ask myself though, “what is my cultural identity, what represents me”?. I am living in a place where culture surrounds me and is full of diversity. In Hawaii, different food and music surrounds me since Hawaii is full of different cultures, and I am very lucky to experience this multicultaral place.My cultural identity is full of food, music and symbols that makes up my ethnicity and identity.
First of all, in my opinion without food their is no such thing as life. Food is so enjoyable and it brings many people together. In Hawaii, cultures are very diverse and I am an example of diversity. I am Filipino, German, Chinese and Hawaiian; however, I do
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The main symbol that makes me is the rainbow, the rainbow means hope and dreams. The rainbow also means colorful personality from it’s beautiful colors. Every color represents life, friendship, energy, serenity, harmony and spirit. Another important symbol is a road that is cut off, this represents the path to a better life and the road cut off was from the mistakes I made. These two symbols make me from the way I live my life to the horrible mistakes I made and my feelings.
All in all, food, music, and symbolic things make up who I am, my cultural identity. Food, however, is the most important to my cultural identity because it brings many people of different cultures together at one place, “the table”. Music shows the variety of cultural music I listen to. Lastly, my symbolic things are my standards of living and what I stand for. At the end of these readings and discussions in class of culture, now I know I do have a culture. I continue to search for deeper understanding of my culture, but for now as we say in Germany, “Alle ist