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Prompt Question #2 My degree of passion towards my college education is definitely higher than the average middle school student, and possibly higher than the average high school student. I believe this because I have been planning my future step-by-step. First I anticipate to take all Honors and AP classes, and pass them with all A+'s, when I attend high school. I also intend to join clubs, such as Debate Team or Mock-Trail Team to help show my commitment to my future of being a successful Criminal Lawyer. Secondly, when I graduate from high school I intend to immediately go to a university. The first university of my choice is the University of California San Diego, but if those plans fall through I plan to apply to other Southern California state universities, such as California State University, Fullerton. When I'm accepted to a University, I will Major in Political Science and also in Business English, and I will minor in History and Economics. For the degrees I intend to obtain, I will get a Master's Degrees in Political Science and in Business English, for Economics I intend to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, and for History I will get an Associate's Degree. After I graduate from a University, I will apply to a couple of high ranked law schools. These schools include, Stanford Law, Yale Law, Harvard Law, and a few more. When I go to a law school, I will major in Criminal Law, and I will minor in Business Law and Constitutional Law. I