My Education Is The Ship In The Sea Short Story

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“My education is an ocean, and this school is my boat. My headmaster the bow, my teachers the stern, my textbooks the oars and so on and so forth. Throughout the travels on my boat I may sail through risky regions of unit tests and deceptive currents of trigonometry assignments but, with luck, I will make it through unharmed. I will fight for my toughness because I see my future on the horizon. Although my paddles of knowledge will have difficulty navigating their way through the difficult waters of algebra, I will strive to stay afloat and propel myself forwards to new and greater experiences.” That was a passage from my childhood journal – age five. Now that I have actually experienced these hypotheticals, I see how stupidly mistaken of a child I was. If you think my boat is still on top of the water – you are incorrect. It lies crushed and destroyed at the bottom of the ocean floor, a dirty and decrepit mess of splintered wood and mangled dreams. Whatever hopes and aspirations I once had, have been diluted so much by this water’s presence that they have become simply nothing at all. How did my boat sink? It was pulled under by a viciously swirling whirlpool, and violently sucked downwards into depths of failure by the Satan of subjects itself: French.

There are multitudes of reasons why French should be immediately banded as a subject from this school and I will be touching on only a few such as the sleazy entry of the language into our province, the better things we could be doing with that time, and how the language is full of flaws. This is not in any way a respected reason why French should be being taught in our school! No grit or joy is shown here! We want results based on determination and effort, not under-table-exchanges! Now of course, I would not in any way shape or form command the French to abolish their native tongue because I know it is an extremely important part of French culture- but how on Earth has one minute portion of the population able to incorporate their language into the way we teach our children?! This is not the way of our school. Not only does the French language have this dirty background, but there also many other much better uses of our precious time in the school that we could rather be doing.

If you are a local resident of BC you will know that French lessons are shoved unceremoniously down your throat as early as elementary school, and elementary school is not the place for French. You know what is the place for French? How about France. I just do not understand why this language is forcefully is being taught in our province. What about another elective that we actually want to take, or a double block of English? In my mind this extra time added to subjects will actually help us in life and would be a much better use of our schooling careers.

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