Essay about My Emphatic Love And Adulation For Service And Helping Those Who Seek Guidance And Support Has Led To My Intense Interest In Social Work

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My emphatic love and adulation for service and helping those who seek guidance and support has led to my intense interest in social work. Knowing that I have helped enrich someone's life is a feeling unlike any other. That feeling is what leads me to believe social work is my destined path. I successfully completed an undergraduate internship in Brook dale hospital in 1986. I was chosen to work specifically with children in the comprehensive child care unit which at the time was an experience unlike any other. Brook dale is a hospital is located in a significantly underprivileged neighborhood, subsequently many children were born to parents on drugs, homeless and living in extreme poverty. Knowing of this horrific reality brought me close to tears on many occasions, this environment forced me to be sympathetic even though workers around me appeared to view it as another day on the job. I must say my internship at Brook dale hospital brought out the "superwoman" in me and I could not live life knowing I did nothing to help another individual. Service has become instinctive and It is embedded in my DNA without doubt. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies at Touro College. The course work was relatively mild in difficulty and without much challenge. Counseling and education were the two fields I studied during my tenure at Touro College. I chose those two fields because they were so natural to me, there was no struggle or any friction with my decision at the time. Let's face it, when you genuinely love