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Socoria Hunt
Mrs. Harris
English 4 (2)
March 5,2015

In Zebador a land far from mankind leaves king Wazo and Queen Athena. Wazo and Athena are blessed to have Tiron, Kanon, and Ziron. Ziron Being the eldest is inline for the throne and, is to marry Abigail the princesses of Glorian.
Glorian in battle with the land of Evelin is seized. Her father lord Zavier orders his men to take Abigail and her mother Meredith to Zebador; until he had reclaimed his kingdom. Abigail had been to Zebador before when she was younger. Abigail age
16,has “no” knowledge of her hand to Ziron age 18. Tiron and Abigail, the same age, become the best of friends, maybe even a little closer than friends. They have fallen in love. Queen Athena notices Trion’s and Abigail’s closeness and informs him that Ziron
Has Abigail’s hand in marriage. Tiron then goes back and tells Abigail that Ziron has her hand but, in rage and disbelief she kisses Tiron with more force than she had ever before. She reveals to him her true feelings and him feeling the same, tells her of his love for her. With this they devise a plan to run away to the land of Ozlin.
The day had come for them to depart and escape his parent’s vast land. But when they were getting ready to leave on a dwindle half­unicorn, half­ bird. The sky darkened in the distance Tiron saw the wings of a blood thirsty demon it was suppose to be a myth the elders of the kingdom would tell to scare and entertain the children. But, it was coming to life the myth was that when in battle with the enemy and one party was losing, warriors would go and sacrifice their first born to the dark volcano of Hellen so, that their victory would prove them the best in the land. With their sacrifice the to the volcano was the promise of a demon like creature to would come destroy, and terrorize the people that were victorious in the great battle along with their alliances. The demon creature was reptile like and known as a dragon, the dragon is only to be killed with the blade of a sacrificed loved one.
The dragon was destroying the kingdom and many villages around the, the king in Evelin most have sent this horrendous monster for his loss of his son Liam which was killed by lord Zavier. Abigail was scared for she knows of many terrible stories of the demon dragon from years ago, and she had in her mind that the dragon was coming to find her and take her for the death of Liam. For in most of the myths the victors first born is to be held hostage until the victor and his army come to rescue him/ her but, in all the myths the victors first born always dies along with the king and majority of his army.
Tiron tells her not to worry he would protect her as he reached for her hand but, in a

blink of an eye the demon dragon snatched her up and flies away to his cave deep in the enchanted woods of the unknown world of Kane.
Tiron in rage goes after her on this quest to find the dragons’ lair he come upon a troll bridge which leads to the unknown world of Kane. But, before he could pass over he was to solve a riddle. The riddle was “what is oval and dark brown on the outside and red on the inside floating on a bed of lava?” Tiron was puzzled for a moment and he was pacing back and forth. He just happen to reach in his pocket to pull a piece of chocolate out to eat. He bite the chocolate in half and notices it center was red and surrounded by a white creamy sweet substance. He turned quickly to the troll and said
“I got it” the answer is cordial cherry candies. The troll in disbelief sided that it was only fair that he let Tiron pass. Trion is on his way through the mystical forest of Tyseria. In this forest Trion was plagued with Deja­vu where he kept seeing the same things over and over again. It took about four hours for the spell of the forest to wear­off. After he had eluded the mystical forest, he came upon a waterfall where he event to drink. When