Groundhog Day Essay

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Groundhog Day

Phil is a mid-40 aged weatherman for a local Pittsburgh news channel. He is a very self centered man and goes about his own ways without thinking of others. He is very confined and does not mix well with others, or maybe it is just that he thinks highly of himself. Knowing that he is a “local celebrity”, maybe he feels that he is more superior to others. Phil set out on to a journey that is unexpected. His job is broadcast the weather by saying ,”The weather for this day is this degrees and it will be high in the upper that and lower this.” It is very repetitive job, which Phil does not seem to appreciate. The day before Ground
Hog day, he is assigned to go to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to broadcast a live coverage on
Groundhog Day, with his new producer, Rita (this is the call). The next day as usual he uses his weatherman “skills” and does a nice job on covering a story about Groundhog Day in which winter is held for six more weeks. Reluctant to stay in Punxsutawney, Phil urges his team to rush into their weather van to leave. Unfortunately a winter blizzard stops Phil’s news crew from going back to Pittsburgh. So they have to stay back at Punxsutawney. At Punxsutawney
Rita invites him to the local Groundhog Day party which Phil does not go to, instead he sleeps.
The next day Phil is awoken to his alarm clock and he takes a look out of the window and realizes he is in “yesterday”, this is his threshold he most cross, to accept the time loop. He goes through the day in a confused state and does not accept that the past is reality. The day goes on just like the day before and again Phil wakes up to the same song on the alarm clock. Phil later accepts that the time loop is never-ending and uses this as an opportunity.

Phil begins to live recklessly because he had no fear of the non-existent “tomorrow”. He uses the time loop to pick up women, steal money, and do things that were unlawful. He has the time of his life, but all things come to an end. I guess the acceptation of the countless, never-ending days full of activities led him to his abyss. This leads into a series of days filled with suicide attempts that were always unsuccessful, where death was evident, but rebirth was too. Fortunately Phil is saved by his producer, Rita. Phil ends his series of attempted suicides because he felt that he needed to fulfill something, which does not make his life worthless anymore. Rita is his revelation. Phil finds new love for Rita, something he could not to ordinary people. He tries to win Rita’s heart but is always stopped short or he tries too hard and gets slapped in the face. Phil probably did not feel worthy enough for Rita and so he tried to help himself be a better man by helping those around him, again something he never does, and he also took piano lessons. After Phil’s day to day live coverage on Ground Hog day, he schedules his time to help people in need of help around that time. Phil eventually does this for himself and transforms into a helpful and caring man. Phil at first does this only for Rita, but in the end he realizes these