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Sarah Ashley Jean Charles November 14th 2013
Global studies Mrs. Edwards


Belief systems have deeply impacted the people and society where they were practiced. One such religion is Buddhism. I believe that Buddhism is a belief system that has unified the lives of the people in India.

Buddhism was started by Siddhartha Gautama known has the enlighten one. Buddhism developed in India, it is said that Siddhartha Gautama became enlighten and discovered the cause of suffering. This answer is called the Four Noble Truth which was one of their major beliefs. The major beliefs of Buddhism are included in the Four Noble truths and the Eight Fold Paths. The Four Noble Truths were the essential sayings of Buddha, which was a way to end all suffering. In order to do that you have to detach yourself from all selfish desires. The way to do this is to follow the Eight Fold Paths mid-way between self-denial and selfishness. This way follower can reach nirvana, a state of total understanding. People who follow Buddhism do not encourage a castes system so that everyone is equal, unlike Hinduism where Buddhism derived from. These major beliefs brought the Indian society together it taught people to give up their selfishness and start caring for one another.

Reincarnation and Enlightment are important ideas of Buddhism. Reincarnation is afterlife, they believe a lot in afterlife because when you have enlightment and you die you can come back as a peaceful person with no means of selfish desires and if you didn’t reach nirvana you have another chance to fulfill nirvana. Buddhism allows people to be happy and nonviolent; Reincarnation is one way you can revive from your sins.

An effect of the Four Noble Truths and the eightfold Path was that it unified the society. The four noble truths help people rid their selfishness and since they follow the same addicts it brought a sense of unity. The first Noble Truth is telling you that everyone suffers no matter who you are because it occurs naturally whether rich or