My Experience At North Seattle Community College

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Essay 1
The experience I gained at North Seattle Community College With a dream of being a successful businesswoman, one year ago, I went to Seattle to attend North Seattle Community College. I chose to study here because of its excellence in teaching and its friendly campus. I have gained a lot of experiences at North Seattle as I lived faraway from home. Overall, that year affected significantly my perception of the world and of the future which I want to achieve. I came here from Vietnam which is located in South East Asia. Thus, when I arrived here, there were many differences which made me change my mind about life and about how the world runs. If Vietnam is a republican country, American is a place where freedom is the most respectable thing. People here can propose their opinion, their feeling, and their thinking to others especially the government while in Vietnam, people there can’t say what they want and have to follow the government’s rules and laws. Thus, Vietnamese people seems to be shy and unable to express their feelings fully. They don’t want to be in trouble when telling their questions or opinions. For example, when students are in class, only the teacher can talk, and the student are prohibited for talking and asking. In contrast, when I was in class in North Seattle, I was surprised by the fact that students can talk, not freely but every time you have question. Furthermore, there wouldn’t be some rules which students have to follow such as: wearing uniform, no nail, no colored-hair, no phone, and no eating. I totally enjoyed studying here because of that freedom in asking questions and in appearances. Another example of how North Seattle changes my thinking is about people’s appearance. Asian people usually looked at others’ body and face when they first met and chose the way to behave with them. They considered and stereotyped you because of your appearance. If you are not slim as a