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I remember as an 8 year old youth, being told stories by my grandfather on my mothers side about the many rituals he endured as a youth in having to hunt, fish, and work the land for his and his families survival. I may not remember the specific stories he shared with me, but I do remember hearing many of his stories which I felt at the time were boring, save for his gift to me of his original hand made bow he crafted and gave to me. I even remember when the American part of me read an article in the news paper 3-4 years later, of a person looking to buy old ancient Native American artifacts. I called the man told him what I had, and sold my grandfathers bow for a $100.00. A lot of money back in the 60’s for a kid, but paltry to the price I lost in the historical value.

I remember some (vaguely) of the stories my gramps told me about his exploits in mostly the fishing arena. I myself consider myself to be an excellent fresh water fisherman, with absolutely no taste for salt water fishing, while my younger brother (3 years younger than I) has literally made fishing his life (earning a living at it for over 30 years) and all of a sudden my older brother (3 years older than I) developing an insane desire and ability to take on fishing as more than just a hobby. Neither of them were around to hear my gramps stories with me. One was too old and the other too young, yet, as I researched my ancestry, I have found some stories about my mothers people (Algonquins) which may help explain these hidden parts of us!

I came across a text which helped shed insight not only to my brother’s and my love for fishing, but which also identifies this skill/hobby/naturalistic trait as a being an inheritance from my mothers Native American people. The text in particular, 16th Century Algonquin Fishermen, Sturtevant, W.C.,