My Expository Paper On Dorm Life

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Chynna Taylor
Mrs. Kay Butterfield
English Comp 1, 12:30 Class
10 October 2014

Living Situations: Dorm Life

Just like your college classes, dorm living is a learning experience. From the realities of sharing a

bathroom to the joys of taking part in late-night discussions, you’ll likely discover new and different

things every day. I am glad I am staying on campus, otherwise I would have drove myself insane staying

at my home; this is a chance for me to escape the stress of my parents and siblings, and enter into a

world of peace and quiet. For me, the move was a total success, an enjoyment, and a new place to call

home. Living in a dorm has its pros and cons; although the ultimate freedom is finally upon me to a

certain extent, I still depend on my parents to supply me with the everyday necessities and the

occasional baked goodies, too. The best thing about living in the dorm is that my parents cannot reach

me as they once could. They have to accept that I am growing into an adult and that they will

show support in any way they can during my time at college. Since I am living in a dorm now, I have to

handle stress that comes along from the classes I am taking to just participating in activities on campus. I

have to stay balanced or I will start to mess up in and out of class.

We all have an assessment about what our dorm room would look like and how we will decorate

it. For me, I thought it would be a big room overlooking a pretty view. The floors would be hardwood

with an unpleasant, dreadful color to it. The beds would be old, rickety, hard, and fall apart. The walls

would have a pretty color tone to it with lots of pictures hanging on it. After moving in, I was shocked to

see what I discovered! It was not at all what I had expected. Instead, I found a small, square room with

not enough space to put my items anywhere. When I look out my window every day, I have a view of a

construction site next to my dorm as men work diligently with one another. The floors have a soft,

multicolored carpet, which I enjoy walking on every day barefooted. Although the beds are old, they are

soft and comfortable to lay and sleep upon; it doesn’t fall apart, either. The walls have a hideous, gray

color to it, paint peeling off the walls, and random holes where people have hung their items on. Over

time, I have gotten used to it and don’t think about it much anymore.

Living in a small dorm room with a roommate that you don’t know is a challenging aspect of

college life, but your college roommate can turn out to be a lifelong friend. We all have an ideal

roommate of what we want our roommate to be like and if you’re going to get along; As for me, my

ideal roommate is quiet, loves to read, has the same major as myself, laid back, organized, humorous,

and cleans up after themselves. After I moved in, I was astonished to know that my roommate has the

same characteristics as me. She is majoring in the same area as I am; she is also quiet and laid back. She

keeps me