My Family: My Pursuit Of The American Dream

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Majority of my childhood was spent in a house that was bought by my mother and then step-father when I was three years old. For the first couple of years I was the only child until my mom got pregnant and I was old enough to understand that I had other siblings in another country that belonged to a different man. When my youngest sibling was born, my mother brought over her three other children that were born in Honduras. My mother received her permanent residency a couple years after coming over to the United States with other latin strangers- during which that period of time, had become her family. Like many others, she held onto the desire to have a taste of The American Dream and be presented with endless chances, all with different outcomes. …show more content…
She was impregnated by a married man who had come along with an empty promise of security the first couple of months she was in Texas. She worked three jobs in order to provide me with food, diapers, and a place to live; in total, she’d spend about half an hour a day with me before dropping me off with a nanny And still, the two hundred dollars she received monthly from my father weren’t very helpful. Today, my biological father is sick with diabetes and I’m not allowed to see him due to the fear of his wife and children that I, the child that was never meant to be born, will obtain any inheritance. I’ve learn to accept these terms though because all I had ever wanted as a child was to get to know my father, and if I were to be denied that, it was out of my control. Even with all the negative souls advising him to beware of me, I know he feels guilty, his subconscious tells him I don’t reach out for him for money or benefits, but instead for connection. Despite the hardships my mother went through and the denial I got from my father, none of them reflected onto or upon me. I lived comfortably and happily with my siblings without desire to rebel against those who made me feel welcome and