My Fascination with Technology and Why I Want to Choose Engineering as My Career Essay

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Ever since I was a young boy, I have been always fascinated with technology and how it functioned. Science and math classes were always easy to me, so easy that it got to the point where I would enjoy coming to those classes just to learn something new. When I got to middle school, I discovered the wonders and joys of engineering. I didn’t realize that my true passion and talent was embedded in the field of computer engineering. I was always interested in the way technology worked but I didn’t become truly attracted to it until I built my first computer. It was at that moment I realized that it was what I wanted to do as my profession.
Science itself has always been interesting me, especially physics and chemistry. In chemistry, most people struggled with the class but I always found it very intriguing. I enjoyed balancing out equations and finding out how to create certain compounds with basic materials. When we did labs and began to really experiment with creating things, that is where I truly exceled in the class. I would take the given materials and form the target compound, plus more. In physics, I initially had a hard time understanding some of the material but once I did I enjoyed kinematics and its associates very much.
When I was younger I would love to open small appliances and try to understand how the complex circuit boards functioned. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to reconstruct what I took apart initially, but after studying the parts and finding out how