My Favorite Supervisor Is When I Worked For The Army

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Week Three - Discussion Questions

Week Three - Discussion Questions
Discussion Question #1: The leadership style plays a vital role in group communication. For example, if a leader has a coercive leadership style than communication within the group may not be as open. The reason being is because the team members will not communicate much because of fear. The work might be accomplished well because of fear but the lines of communication will be very limited.
Discussion Question #2: My favorite supervisor is when I worked for the Army. My boss never micro managed my work and let me control my job completely. She was nice and flexible if I ever needed anything. I was actually at an appointment one time and my car was towed away. She asked me if I wanted her to pick me up. I said now and I took a taxi. One time, my wife put the wrong type of gas in our only car and she drove me out to where my wife was stranded to pick her up. She dropped my wife and kids off at the house. I can picture some of my previous bosses not caring and saying "That is your problem; you need to deal with it without it affecting work". She trusted me to do my job independently and I excelled at it. She just rolled with the punches and now I can say that she is also a friend. She was a great mentor and I hope to be just as good as she was if I ever become a supervisor.
Discussion Question #3: The contemporary motivation theory that motivates me the most is pay for