Essay about My Feeling About Music And Singing

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Music wakes me up in the morning, makes me want to dance. From infancy to adulthood music is an important part of my lives. When I need a break from a stressful situation or just want to try out a new relaxation method, I am listening to some soft music that can completely change my mood or mindset. These can have a significant impact on my mood, stress levels, and even my immune system.

Inspirational, classical and “oldies” music can release me when I am having a tough day. I like singing along to the song—even better! Music unquestionably affects my emotion. I tend to listen to music that reflects my mood. When I am happy I may listen to upbeat music; when I am sad I may listen to slower, moving songs; when I am angry I may listen to darker music with heavy guitar, drums, and vocals that reflect my level of anger.

I have a chance to communicate how I am feeling through singing and even ask friends playing their own instruments for me. Feeling down or stuck in a negative mood can make me physically ill. A low mood can affect my day-to-day activities, but listening music can help me get out of that funk and fretful.

Sometimes, music is not simply entertainment and network of belief and tradition but can be a window opening out to new possibilities. The complex melodies of classical music have proven to be particularly effective for relaxation and improving my emotional quality as well as learning abilities while studying; I've ever read some article from