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The Influence of Technology in Education
Sometimes when I sit down to think how about how far we humans have come in terms of technological advancement it makes me feel happy because we have been able to invent some important things that are needed for the survival of mankind. I remember when I was in elementary school; we didn’t have access to computers or calculators because everything was done manually. Those days calculations are done without the use of calculators but these days almost everything are computerized with the help of technology. Technology can simply be defined as anything that people make from their resources in order to make life easier. These days technology is no longer seen as a barrier, but as a break through. With technology, we have been able to do some unimaginable accomplishments, which include traveling to space, making robots, and creating devices like ipads, phones, and computers that help to organize people’s day to day activities. People tend to be amazed by the good things that technology has offered over the years. Some critics of technology might say that technology has made people to be dependent on it rather than his brain in order to solve their problems. It is true that technology has made people make less use of their critical thinking skills, but they forget that if it wasn’t for technology today there will be no computers and some devices that help improve communication and education.
The pace at which technology has advanced in today’s world has been significant in many areas, and it has enhanced development and changes in communication in which its effect is visible. Communication is one of the best inventions of technology so far because without communication devices like computers, phones, and ipads, we won’t be able to communicate with our families and friends and students won’t be able to socialize with their peers. Also, with the help of technology, we have been able to improve our education sector. I remember when I was in high school, we did everything with our brains, but these days’ lectures are delivered to students without writing anything on the chalk board. Some critics of technology argue that too much exposure of technology to our children is affecting our young generation and tampered with their ability to make use of their critical thinking skills when dealing with problems. It is quite true that too much of anything isn’t good, but technology has helped to increase our children ability to be independent on their own without their parents help. From simple observations watching television, reading magazines, newspapers, and so on we are seeing the impact technology is having on children (Holland 16). Technology is very important because it helps to increase children’s learning ability and knowledge in education. Technology helps to bring students together in order to exchange information. The communication helps to expand the point of view and create societal connections among the students.
We have come a long way in terms of technological achievement. Through our modern day miracles of science and technology, we have been able to appreciate an incredible period of self-sufficiency. Over the years, technology has played a role significant in terms of increasing parents involvement in their children’ education. When parents monitor their children’s school work or communicate with their teachers on a regular basis, it helps to make their children excel in education. Parents can help their children by using Facebook, emails, and Twitter to see how their children are faring in their academics. Research has shown that “ Student who have parents who are actively involved in their education have higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher level programs, graduate from high school and go on to post-secondary education” (Olmstead 28). For example, my mom has been involved in my education since I was born. Whenever I have homework or projects she tries to get