My First Bike Ride

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Gavin Glaum
Mr. Vivo
English 1, Period 5
30 August 2013

My First Bike Ride

I remember it like it was yesterday, the sun was going down, the beautiful sunset and view from

my home, the great smell of fresh air, my brother finally decided to teach me how to ride a bike. We

had already bought a bike from Toys”R”Us, and I felt I as ready to go down my steep driveway, and

ready to take on a sharp turn in the middle of my driveway, but if I missed the turn by even a little then

I would end up face in a tree at the bottom of an even steeper hill off to the side of my driveway. I got

on my bike, put a “im ready” look on my face, heard my brother say the words that gave me all the

butterflies in the world, “You ready.” came out of his mouth and I thought, and I thought, it felt like I

was thinking forever about allof the possibilities that could happen at that very moment, running

through my mind back and forth like a track runner running suicides, then finally I was off, mind blank

with nothing going on in it except filtering the fact that i'm actually riding a bike! The wind in my face

blowing like a storm in my face,but then the turn was coming up and I was feeling good, I felt like I

could take on any turn or hill. The turn started and I was flying down my driveway right behind my

brother, watching him turn the corner and getting ready for my turn, when finally it came up, I was

already half way through the turn when suddenly I realize that i'm not turning anymore.the next thing I

remember is looking at all my surroundings when I was eight feet up in the air, looking down and up

and to the sides, then crashing straight into a tree almost breaking my leg and my arm, but luckily

getting out of it with out any major injuries, except for a minor concussion, a few dislocations, poison

oak, and a few bad memories. I don't remember what happened after that because I was knocked out

cold, I remember waking up in my dads' arms, him yelling at my brother to get the first aid kit. First

thing that went through my head was that I broke something because I couldn't move my body, my dad

ran up to our car, my lifeless and immoveable body in his arms, and we drove away from the spot of

which I got hurt. I didn't know where we were going but right then and there I didn't really care, I just

felt numb and I wanted the feeling to go away because it wasn't a feeling I would ever want