My First Day In Middle School

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Sixth grade was a year to remember. From walking in on the first day with a smile on my face, to walking out on the last day with tears misting in my eyes, and all of the stupendous memories in between, I know that I will never forget my first year as a free middle schooler. The new friends I met, the amazing teachers I had the great fortune to meet, the extravagant parties the school hosted, and all of my incredible classes were all just some of marvelous aspects that helped my sixth grade year be a success. Meeting new friends was one of the scariest parts of coming to middle school. I knew no one because all of my other friends had been split up and sent to other schools. Walking through those big doors into a new freedom was amazing. As I went upstairs to my locker, and into my homeroom, I …show more content…
Everyone I came across that first day was kind and helpful. Sitting in homeroom with a group of kids I had never seen before may have been scary, but once we got talking, all of the fear and worry I had been carrying around on my shoulders was gone. At that table I met two of my future friends, Grace and Grace. We had all been so nervous that once we introduced ourselves and realized this coincidence, we all started laughing hysterically. The rest of that day, I kept meeting new friends with every small step I took. Lunch, although frightening, was one of the best periods of the day. There, I was befriended by Cam, Nick, and Amanda, who could not have been more welcoming. Although in lunch I had one of the best experiences of my forty glorious weeks in sixth grade, nothing compared to ninth period band. Sitting in that seat should have been a relief, but the anxiety still jolting through my gut and rushing through my veins was not going to let that happen. Surrounded by 61 other seventh and eighth graders, I barely recognized the other two sixth graders who were sitting as tiny and