My First Day Of High School

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High School

As the summer ends, and the night before your big day begins you get worried. You ge very happy but very nervous at the same time. For the first day of high school , you want everything to go perfectly. I remember laying out my outfit on the floor thinking about how good I was going to look on my first day. The classes i’ve taken throughout high school were not all that challenging. I never applied myself to doing to my work all the time, I would get lazy a lot. I remember my first semester of my freshman year, and I did very well. My hardest class was Algebra 1, because it was just a lot to keep up with. Since I didn’t take my freshman year serious and basically got a 3.0 GPA, I blew off my sophomore year. My GPA dropped dramatically that year, because i thought i just ease my way through things.
My favorite class was “creative writing” because it let my express myself through writing and poetry. Mrs. Andrew was an amazing teacher as well, she taught me a lot of tips to make my writing more appealing. She was always there to help me even when i wasn’t in her class anymore. She also invited me to a lot of poetry slams because she always said there is something special about my writing. She asked to me to write a entry for her poetry book written by her students.
My mom has been my support system every since my dad walked out of my life. She has always encouraged me to do my best in everything that I do. Every time i messed up in something she’d always be there to keep me in order. My mom is always at my games, cheering me on and at all of my events. She has been my mother and father all of my life, and I love her so much for that.
Every since Kindergarten i’ve known mochila, me and him have always played the same sports together. We both played football, basketball, and baseball together all of our lives. He’s always been there for me when i