My First Fireing Essay

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Integrity is the basis of which a person lives and makes decisions. It involves moral judgment, character, honesty, and fairness. Integrity is making right decisions and sticking to them even when it is personally disadvantageous or has the potential to cause embarrassment or humiliation. I believe that a person of integrity is able to own up to their mistakes and make sincere amends with those adversely affected without making excuses.
Honesty and integrity sometimes require being confrontational. Sometimes it means standing alone in your beliefs and behavior. Standing firm in one’s beliefs and values, when they are right, might not always permit popularity amongst peers, but it will earn the admiration and respect of their peers. I believe that if a person is able to prevent any of their own unconscious bias and assumptions to inadvertently creep into their work, then he or she is a person of fairness and embodies high value and self esteem about themselves and their work.
The mission statement of, in part states that it is dedicated to ensuring accountability in state government by fairly investigating complaints, abuse and misconduct. Throughout my professional legal career, I have been placed in situations that required me to ensure accountability of team members. I recall one specific example where I received information that a top team member was cutting corners on the process required to complete a task. After learning about the problem, I investigated, and questioned other team members along with the accused. My investigation and finding placed upon me the responsibility