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Generation Y Everyday there seems to be something new in our lives, it could be from the newest flavor of coffee to the newest technology device.Generations are what embrace new products, bring new attitudes, personalities and much more to the world.Generation Y(Gen. Y), which is also known as the Millennial Gen.,is the generation that I am part of, it includes people that were born approximately from the 1980’s to 2000. Gen.Y is viewed in negative ways by older generations nevertheless,also has positive positive opinions about their beliefs,improvements and creations.My generation is full of new cultures,open minds to many new ideas that the community brings.My generation is confident,liberal, technology loving and supportive towards new ideas, nevertheless are also stereotyped by older generations who make misconceptions based on a small amount of this generation. Media is in cell phones, iPads, iPods, kindles, flat screen TV's, laptops and MacBooks just like the one I am typing on right now.These are some of the many pieces of technology that Gen.Y has embraced.This generation was the first to grow up having computers and ever since have been making enormous improvements to technology and coming up with new electronics. Although this is usually a negative view from older generations, it has made life easier for a large amount of people.Media, such as social networking which can be done on almost every electronic device is what many people like I do, on a daily basis.We communicate with other classmates,bosses, acquaintances (etc).In my case, being able to have internet on my cell phone and an e-mail system allows me to communicate with my teachers and bosses about important things such as work that has to be done and emergencies.Teachers also use technology to give out tests, publish our grades online and keep us up to date with deadlines and important dates. Social networking is something an enormous amount of people in the world do now. Most people have a social networking account which is a way to connect with people all around the world by simply having an electronic device and internet.Generation Y has been successful in teaching people what social networks are and how they can connect them with family and friends in different countries.My family aswell as other families depend on facebook and webcamming to communicate with their families in another state or country and helps them feel close to home. This is an easy way to stay in touch with the people you love at a low cost and effective way. Having advanced technology has also helped the music and theatre industry in this generation.Gen Y has brought new genres of music such as dub-step and metal-core but also uses the pasts generation music to create remixes,sound tracks and more.Having computers such as MacBooks allows us to use an application that comes with the computer, called iGarage to make music.This helps those teenagers who do not have a stabled income to pay off a record studio, to create their own music or even take a first step into the music industry. Not only does advanced technology help those who are interested in music but also in theatre,video and movie making because there is also an application for that called iMovie which is a step to a bright future. Let us remember that these new advancements do not take away recording studios or producers clients,but help this generation build and experiment their own dreams and learn new techniques. Politics and our views on social attitudes also have changed within the years, Generation Y is also known to be more open minded,confident,liberal and supportive on peoples rights. This generation has supported the gay and equal rights of the minorities, and in result,same sex marriage is allowed in about 31 states and is in process of being allowed in many more. Having this right was not easy for the minorities, many people had to speak up for their right and not give up on what they wanted and