Essay on My Goals as Educator

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My Goals as Educator
Any culture has a great impact on education. The more educated the nation is, the better its chances of creating opportunities for its citizen, subsequently a life with better quality. The previous statement has persuaded me to make a life changing decision to become a teacher and study M.ED in education. Education is a noble mission that develops humanity by reshaping the way of thinking and open new paths in one’s life. It redirects the future of a nation for better achievement. Personally, my dream is to become a successful teacher, help in develop our society and enrich my pedagogical knowledge with skillful methods. I believe the one mile journey starts with a step. Thus, I have made my decision to enroll in the MBA program as learning is a continuous process. The program will enrich my academic qualification with hand-on experience and better career development.
My first goal is to become practiced and creative teacher. One remains vivid in the memory of the students. A mission of making kids goes beyond their imagination boundary to reach the impossible. To make the children enjoy learning and face challenges without frustration and fear.
My second goal is to play a contributing role in supporting the development of the society. The aim is to help creating educated generations who is able to form the future and keep stable and strong community. The goal is to build productive citizens who are equipped by good manners, advanced knowledge, and optimistic view of life.
Third goal is to enrich my academic knowledge with expert methods to simplify any subject by providing students with all possible tools to make learning journey very enjoyable. I have a desire as an educator to help students meet their fullest potential by encouraging them to adopt critical thinking, which will improve their skills in solving their future life problems. I would like to learn new ideas in motivating students to participate in discussions, pursue information and make research about new data.

As I was watching the video clip yesterday, I was totally amazed with Dalton Sherman I have seen myself in him. I had a little thought once I finished watching the film that the one has a great hidden unexplored power in him/her and the start of utilizing this power is the person himself/herself.
First, the person has to believe in his/her capability and he/she is the start to discover his/her weakness and strengths. The person has to make a fair judgment of his/her personal assets and try to maximize the strengths and overcome the weakness. The beginning is to believe in the one’s self.
Second, the person has to break the fear and have the right will to start the journey, in my case is to enroll in the MBA program. I am a working mom with three children. I have grown up my children on the good morals and educate them the best education I can. They have proved me right when they have achieved the high scores and ranked on the top among their class mates. If I have succeeded in raising three children, definitely, I have the determination to improve my academic knowledge for the better me, better my family.
Third, I have believed in my husband and my children and they have not turned me down. They were as I have expected. In the video, has believed in the others and agreed that person cannot acquire any victory without the support of the others. Teamwork always is the key to any success in all fields, in the family, in the class, in the office or in any organization.
Fourth, future is bright if we believe so. Person has to have the full ambition to go forward and believe in his/her capabilities. One can reach his/her highest potential if he/she has the right tools, right support and the right team. I have the academic background, practical experience, surrounded with the supporting family and enrolled in the right program with accredited university and first of all I have the will. I believe in me.
Fifth; I have learned in this