My Goals In The United States Air Force

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Alexander Young

At a certain point of life we all start to create and achieve goals, they can vary for each and every individual. A goal can be something personal, professional, or academic it can be one that takes time to achieve or one that can be done in no time at all. My goals as of now are a combination of short term and long term like being financially debt free and having all the essential items for my new house, I would also like to achieve in my Air Force career Chief and lastly graduate with a business bachelor degree in the next three years. I plan to take all the steps necessary to achieve my goals and formulate new ones.

Growing up it’s such a complex process and mandatory part of life. One goes from having to be nurtured to being fully independent. At one point we all start to form goals; the choices we make to achieve them will set a path of where life could go. The beauty of it all is they change as we age. When I was seven years old I remember being asked in school what I wanted to be when I grew up, back then I wanted to be a racecar driver, or even superman. I later discovered that being a racecar driver was not for me, because I don’t like the dangerous speeds one can go, but as that goal changed with time I realized my desire to join the United States Air Force; which is the closest I could get to being superman, and so I joined after graduating high school. Since joining in 2011, I have created and achieved certain goals such as traveling and exploring new horizons outside of home, and one that I am still working hard to finalized is being financially independent and having all the necessary items needed for what I consider comfortable living. Being financially independent is a process that can take time due to overwhelming debt. I have been fortunate enough to not be overwhelmed by my debt because it allowed me to purchase some long lasting furniture for the apartment I moved into once I was stationed in Idaho. I purchased a hardwood maple ebony dining room table with matching chairs enough to sit about six people , I also bought a couch of similar color enough to sit two, an all glass office desk , also bought an amazing washer and dryer and not to mention countless of the small utensils to furnish my home. These items however left some debt behind. I have prioritized my spending to pay for the purchases and now as of November of 2013 I managed to pay off all of the expenses from the furniture and in that getting one step closer to my financial independence goal. One item remains and that is my 2012 white Kia Rio which again with the right budget it will be paid off in full if all goes well by next December. After my car is paid off I will be debt free, since I have no ongoing credit card balance which leaves me reaching one hundred percent financial independence and having all the essential items for comfortable living and finally room for a new goal.

Next, I have a professional goal which is becoming a chief of the United States Air Force. There are a series of steps to becoming chief, one goes from graduating basic training and being a First Class Airmen, and with time one ranks up to different stages of sergeant and later chief. Ranks not only happen with time in the service but also being a well-rounded and good Samaritan. I am now a senior airman and have become very involved around the community and inside the base. I have volunteered as a coach of a couple of sports for kids. Basketball being one of my favorites was the first one I started to coach and it was something I had not done before and brought an absolute fulfillment to my every week schedule. I remember having my two older brothers teaching me how to play and now being the best of all three at the game, but it started at a young age and it made a difference in my life so being able to teach