Essay on MY GOD MY SAVIOR Poetry Workshop Poem

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Tears of joy run down my face
I pray for your amazing grace In my heart is where you lay.
There is no competition
Your strength cannot be raced. I know in my fate there is no room for failure because I take the Lord as nothing more Than my personal Savior
You’re there for me in the time of need
You were there when I was alone in the far away land
That geographer called Afghanistan
You were there for me through all of my rucks
And given my plenty of chucks
I let you lead
Because if I try it myself
I know I will fail
I know to stay positive as it’s just a temporary derail
You come around and shake up things You did not lay
It hurts but I know for the best you are washing it all away
You hear my prayers
You feel my pain
But I know You’re there when I need to explain
Like when I smoked to ease the physical pain
I finally realized though that the healing is easy The blessings are through. I want to share with others and show them You are always True. They may not believe
And they may not care But let them find out for themselves
Like you showed me not to be in fear and that you would always be there because I know you provide my air Slow but sure I'm going to reach my purpose Because You are the only one to provide me that service. I haven't earned the right to die nor the right to quit
You keep me focused and never off track
You help me when I put the world on my back I thank you every day
In the Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit