My Hell Essay

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My Hell
The Vestibule – The Procrastinators: The procrastinators always leave things for the last minute, creating tension and stress which is unnecessary. Even when they have a three day weekend, they will wait until Sunday night to work on their homework. Since they usually get things done in the end, they do not suffer a severe punishment. For the unnecessary stress they caused themselves and others, they will be forced to live in a life where time is always running out. Alarm clocks will ring all the time. Many high school students, including many over-achievers, will be found in the vestibule.
Circle One - Druggies: By using drugs and becoming addicted, druggies destroy their health, their lives and sometimes affect the life of others. As they want to get away from reality, they enjoy living in a world created by the drugs. These people must suffer in my hell by living in a world in which they become insensitive to any drug they take in any dose, preventing them from being able to enjoy the one thing that made up their lives before. Charlie Sheen would suffer sniffing cocaine, without experiencing the effects which he loves.
Circle Two - The Fake: Instead of showing their true side, the fake put on multiple masks to impress others. The only way they will understand that their true personality is what matters to people is by punishing them. The fake must live in an emotionless world of masks. Everyone around them will have masks on, and when they are spoken to, no emotion, or personality will be detected, giving the fake an eerie feeling that there’s no true people around. Many high school girls will experience this punishment.
Circle Three – Ditchers: One that ditches friends or family for other purposes will suffer a life of boredom. While given the opportunity to be active and enjoy time, with either family, or friends, ditchers don’t show up, or cancel on plans in order to do something else. Due to causing harm to others, ditchers will be asked repeatedly to do somethingenjoyable, but will not be able to go since they are forced to remain in a single, plain, and small room with nothing to do. Knowing that their friends or family members are enjoying their time, ditchers will remain in the room bored, and wishing to leave and enjoy with the people they know. Many celebrities, including Britney Spears, would be found in this circle.
Circle Four - The Jealous: Always comparing what they have, and what they don’t, the jealous always wish to receive what others have. Because the jealous are not able to receive such things, they begin to hate others for the things they own. This hatred leads the jealous to a situation in which they will constantly see their most desired goals as an allusion They can see and reach for it, as though it is so close, while it is not even in existence. Many thieves and fraudsters would be confined to this circle.
Circle Five - The Conceited: The conceited always love themselves. They are busy admiring how beautiful their face is, how lush their hair feels, and how presentable to society they are. By thinking so much of themselves, the conceited rarely think or see others. Their selfishness is not acceptable in society. To punish these people, the conceited will be placed in a world filled with mirrors, although, each mirror shows one defect on the conceited. These people will get used to seeing their imperfectness, until eventually the look of their true self will seem ugly. The male models will be punished for their excessive self pride.
Circle Six - Liars: The truth is so believable not because it’s simply the truth, but rather because it makes sense and creates an understanding in one’s mind. Lies, being so different from the truth, lack sense. This causes a misunderstanding to one’s mind. Liars constantly cause this misunderstanding feeling to the people they lie to. A liars tongue will be cut off in order to prevent them from causing more mental misunderstanding. Instead, the…