My Hero: Aaron Donald: An NFL Player

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My hero is an NFL player, he goes by the name of Aaron Donald. He is a NFL defensive lineman and he plays for the Los Angeles Rams. He is also 26 years old, and he was number 99. He was drafted in the 1st round pick 13 he was a high draft pick.

He is my hero cause i want to be just like him, like he a good person and he sets a good example for high school defensive lineman. I think he he had a great college career because he was an All-American. If you are a All-American that mean you are doing something right.

And he definitely sets a good tone of an NFL player because he do everything right on the football field. He is a 3x pro bowler and if you go to the pro bowl that mean you are a pretty good at that sport or position.

When he was