My Hero's Journey

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My Hero’s Journey

Drew Fuller was a naïve guy who was also very witty and intelligent. He had dark brown hair that he would always spike up and dreamy hazel eyes. He had a passion for almost all sports as he grew up not being exposed to any extra technology unlike other teens his age. Drew was a guy with a good mind and a soft heart. His parents perished in a horrid fire when he was only a toddler. Ever since that tragic event, he was left with nothing but memories. He grew up as an outcast of society and was always ignored, sometimes even bullied by his peers. They would brutally beat him until the point where he couldn’t walk properly or think straight, Drew learned the hard way that getting bullied made him feel insecure but it also encouraged him to become stronger and better. Drew was raised in an orphanage and became friends with a local girl named, Evangeline. Eva was a sweet, short brunette girl with bright round eyes. She was sophisticated but also very outgoing. She was in a terrifying car accident that claimed the lives of her loved ones. Evangeline then was left an orphan when she was only an infant and because of this she adapted to be very independent both physically and emotionally. They both spent most of their lonesome childhood there but later on decided to run away together because of their treacherous guardian who would abuse them if they misbehaved.

One early night, after supper when the sun started to set, Drew and Eva quietly sneaked out the back door on their tip toes and started climbing up the tall, wooden fence that crooked every time they shifted back. There were no signs of buildings or roads around for the next few miles so they were certain they would get away successfully. They vanished into the dark, misty forest and suddenly heard loud sirens as they picked up their pace and started running. They saw a green meadow hidden in the folds of the forest and when they finally reached it, a town sheriff quickly grabbed Evangeline by her hands and held them tightly together as she struggled to get away. Drew couldn’t react when he paused for a quick second and glanced back into Evangeline’s eyes as they filled with tears and she choked back a soft sob. She constantly urged him to run away without her but Drew couldn’t bear to leave her behind. He decided to give in but right before the sheriff grabbed on top the back of his neck he ducked down and quickly ran back into the woods. He kept running, he didn’t stop until he finally spotted a liquor store on the side of the empty road and decided to take a rest for a while behind the store. It was way past the time when it was safe to walk around the town alone, especially if you were a child. He was luckily able to find a shortcut to reach the city town centre, but Drew was lost; he had not thought ahead thoroughly of what he was planning on doing after if he was able to escape successfully. At the time, all that he could think of was Evangeline and whether or not she was safe but Drew was mature for his age and very bright, he knew that Evangeline would want the best for him and that he couldn’t let her down. After spending some time of his youth working as a lifeguard, he later decided to join the army force since he loved helping people in need from the bottom of his heart. Drew had been in the army for several years when he realized his true passion to become a firefighter. With special training on top of his ambition, Drew Fuller became a successful firefighter and a true hero. He, himself knew that nothing would stop him from achieving his goals as a firefighter.
¬¬Several years later, when firefighter Drew Fuller was enjoying some off-duty time when he saw smoke coming from a nearby highrise. Fuller quickly responded and called 911 as he entered the building, making his way up 13 flights of the stairs to the fire. When he finally got to the fire, with none of his equipment and no backup, he fought