My Interest In Social Work

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Social Work Interest
I consider myself to be a natural born leader who has great problem-solving abilities. My problem-solving abilities allow me to empower others to reach their maximum potential. Therefore, the helping profession has always been of interest to me. I am passionate about the field of social work because it is a broad field and the opportunity to enhance the well-being of others is endless. My philosophy well known, you can give a man a fish but the key to success is to teach him to fish. That is my outlook on the social work profession. We have the ability to help others transforms their lives.
Learning Needs
As far as my learning needs, I would like to have the opportunity to be placed at an agency that will challenge my professional growth. Being awarded the opportunity to work one on one with clients is also highly important. I would like to be placed within an agency where interns are given tasks and responsibilities and are included as a member of the team. I would like to be placed in an agency that will assist me in achieving my overall goal of learning as much as possible about the ins and outs of the agency within the timeframe allotted.
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It is a position where I would like to utilize the skills that I have in addition to learning new skills to be the best social worker the department has ever encountered. However, I am open to many other opportunities that will allow me to gain additional knowledge in the field of social work. Long-term, I would like to open a non-profit organization that empower the youth of my