My Journey From Long Island To Brooklyn

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Sarai Bran
Professor Stephanie Gray
English 110C/105
11 September 2014 My Journey From Long Island to Brooklyn

“Procrastinator”, my mother yelled because I always leave things to the last minute for example: packing. Leaving home was a disappointment, but being independent will provide me success. As an original New Yorker I believe everyone has a dream of living in the city. Leaving the town where memories remain, to a city where you see millions of new faces everyday. Long Island is not that far from Brooklyn. Going from town to town the view changes and there are different “personalities” and experience one goes through living in New York. Not waking up to cozy home is going to take some time to adjust but I’m going to make my journey here in Brooklyn out of the best of it. This journey can take its spins there’s going to be good and bad days When I first got to Brooklyn Heights it wasn't the glorious city view I wanted but it was very peaceful something I was already used to. The positives of Brooklyn Heights are, the subway station right next to the dorm, and a supermarket across the street there is no need to travel far. In my eyes Brooklyn heights reminds me of a small town, it isn’t quite a drastic change for me it is a comfortable feeling. Trying out the different restaurants because there isn’t any home cooked meals is an eye opener to watch out for the “freshmen-fifteen”. One comes across a new experience everyday. Since Long Island is suburban the amount of people on the streets doesn’t compare to the enormous amount in the city. The city is just five minutes away there is never a dull moment, the first night I spent here my boyfriend surprised me with a diner night. I enjoyed being surrounded by many people that have different cultures, a strangers’ ways can impact a person by the clothes they wear or even how they talk. The subway as transportation