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What is theology? I believe theology is the study of concepts and perspectives of God and religion. Theology looks at God and religion from different point of views and different opinions and explains the unsolvable arguments of religion. What is the purpose of studying theology? I think the purpose of studying theology is to have people think about their view of God and have them think about it. This class shows why people do or don’t believe in God and other religious “facts” and may even disprove some of the things that go around about religion. The other purpose of studying theology is to maybe alter your view because you gain intelligence with hearing other people’s beliefs and you have more facts to back your opinion up in the future when someone asks you “Who is God, and do you believe in him?” The perspective that I picked is Process Theology. To me it’s the most interesting and it kind of makes sense, but it still goes against the things people saying about him being perfect and all knowing. I feel like since I believe in God, this must be true because there is a lot of evil in this world. I feel like if he’s growing the same way we do, he has a long way to go to reach his potential and maybe someday the evil will slow down and people can actually see God’s presence in their everyday life somehow. Another reason why it’s interesting because if God, or a human being can see this as being absolutely true, it will change everyone’s mind about what they do and