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A lifeboat on the Titanic symbolizes different things to different people. Some people think that it symbolizes hope and be able to relay on to survive from the sinking ship. While others would have thought it symbolized cowardice and being fearful. The lifeboats in the Titanic symbolized survival and hope. The reason is because many people hoped to be able to survive from the sinking ship. For example Jack Thayer who was 17 years old boarded with his parents into the Titanic. They were wealthy and were first class passengers in the Titanic. They thought that the Titanic was “unsinkable” and very “safe” so they didn’t had to worry about anything. However when the Titanic hit the iceberg, Jack got lost from his parents with all the people rushing around in confusion and chaos. He was sure they’ve already boarded into lifeboats so he hoped to be able to survive and reunited with his parents once again. He was really scared, however he didn’t gave up on his hope and faith. The Titanic also symbolized cowardice. Some of the men got into lifeboats even though they were supposed to let women and children get on the lifeboats first. One man in the Titanic named J.Bruce Ismay was the president of the While Star Line, which owned the Titanic. He boarded into a lifeboat and was branded as “The Coward of the Titanic” because he got into a lifeboat to save himself even though men had to follow “The Code of the Sea” which meant every men had to step aside until every children and women had been saved. Many people viewed Ismay as gutless and a coward and Ismay was never…