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Janet Izaguirre
As I observed this couple sitting down at red lobster I could help but notice what they would talk about. They looked around mid-20s; they both wore college shirts and looked as if they were athletic people. They both had green colored eyes and light brown hair with a smile on their face and looked white .As they sat laughing with a stare in their eyes as if they were in love. This man and woman each demonstrated their love in a different way as if they have been dating for a short time. As they talked she would be reaching over to try to grab his hand as he would always be pulling back as if he was extremely nervous. As I overheard their conversation she would be constantly be talking about marriage and how many kids she was planning to have , as he looked with worry in his face he just simply replied “ don’t take things too far cause you never know what can happen tomorrow’. As she stayed quiet the whole dinner they had he keep texting under the table like trying to hold a secret. As she found out that he was texting under the table she got mad and just ignored him as she played with her food. He tried to make her take as he grabbed her hand she kept pulling away. He kept begging her to talk to him as she kept ignoring him she let out a frustrated “stop it, leave me alone” As he got mad he got up and walked toward the restroom as she kept sitting down. After a while he came and started saying sorry about he done that he was only texting his friends and he…