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Living on the Water Down in South Louisiana, we live on the water. I live in Larose, Louisiana which is no more than thirty minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico. There are not many places to go on the bayou. Around the coast we have a lot of marsh, which means water. The water around the bayou, including the bayou, serves people in our community with plenty of resources. It provides us with a source for transportation, food, and other resources. We can walk to the front of our street and catch fish for food on the side of the bayou. In South Louisiana, water overrides everything, including land. There is not much land left down here because of water erosion. Most people rely on the water to make a living, instead of going far away to make money. People can make profit on the water by trawling, crabbing, fishing, and much more. Not only can they catch plenty of seafood, but they can kill an abundance of waterfowl. Living along the coast can be helpful or dangerous. When living close to the water, people are in danger of anything from snake bites to flesh eating bacteria. Our coast has been destroyed due to natural disasters such as hurricanes. This is another disastrous cause about living along the costal area. During storms, the water can rise to unpredictable levels. Just with heavy rains our area floods easily. Many people choose to evacuate because of storms that cause flooding. Usually, when the storm is over, it takes oxygen out of the water; once that happens the fishermen lose much of the fish population. If it is not a storm to cause damage, it can be an oil spill. When the oil spill occurred three and a half years ago, many people lost their job and started claiming bankruptcy. Also, along the water, there are plenty dangerous animals. Some of these animals are poisonous while others are not. Because of this issue, many people tend to look at their feet when walking. Down here, it is always a good idea to wear shoes when traveling places. Down along the coast many people consider it paradise. Most tourists…