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In-class Essay As I was reading through the New York Times today, I came across a very interesting article about the Giants football team. The article was called “Giants’ Manning Understands Cruz’s Absence,” and was written by Tom Pedulla. The article is talking about how Eli Manning, the quarterback of the Giants, understands how wide receiver Victor Cruz is feeling with no new contract. I agree with this article and think that the Giants need to sign Victor Cruz as soon as possible as he is a vital part of their offense. Without Victor Cruz on the team, the Giants can be in a world of trouble for the upcoming season. There are plenty of reasons why Victor Cruz needs to be involved with the Giants organization and the biggest one is that he is a crowd pleaser. Cruz is one of the most dynamic players in the whole NFL with his speed and agility. This gives the fans something to look forward to every night. As mentioned in the article, Cruz has become known for his specialty dance whenever he scores a touchdown. The salsa dance has become his own celebration that no one else can do. There is a reason behind this dance as he does it for his grandma who passed away, but fans just enjoy the energy that it brings to the game. With all of his antics on the field, he is loved for the genuinely nice person and entertaining person he has become to all Giants fans. Not only do the Giants need to sign Cruz for his entertaining antics, but he is also one of the best recievers in the NFL. In just his rookie season, Cruz didn’t expect to see
Richetelli 2 much playing time at all, but with injuries he saw a lot of the field. He performed phenomenally during his rookie season and has been a marquis name in the entire league. His game changing ability…