My life in Nicaragua was a common life Essay

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Genesis Medina

My life in Nicaragua was a common life, I was attending classes at the university and having fun with my friends. My city is a small town where you knew most of the people, the catholic religion is part of our lives. I grew up playing with the neighbors in the central street every night and developed good friendship. I remember that every night my grandparents took out their rocking chair to sit down outside and say good bye to everyone who crossed our house. The economy of my town depends on agriculture. In March, you can smell mango, oranges, passion flower and guava throughout the whole city. Our principal way to move is walking which is normal. For instance, walking to the supermarket, school and church.
Everything began on February 25th, 2008 when my father asked me if I would like to come and live in United States. The immigration process did not take long it took me 6 month to receive my green card, so finally I moved to United States on February 16th 2009. The beginning of my stay in this country was not easy I could barely understand any word that the people said. I had not met anyone and it was different living with my dad after not seeing him for many years. My whole world changed in a matter of two hours of travel time from my country to the United States. The habits, way of think, traditions, everything was so different I have to admit that I was scared.
One week after arriving to the U.S. my dad took me to Miami Dade College Inter American campus to enroll me in ESOL classes, the first day they required tons of papers that I never thought that somebody can have. We went through a long admission process. My first day of class made me feel like a baby having to learn how to speak English. I remember not understanding anything the