My Life Of Becoming A Lawyer

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My name is Breiona A. Howell I am a 14 year old female who has lived in Florida for all of my life. My family was raised in deerfield I have 2 elder sisters and a elder brother. I also only have one close friend but I call him my brother and his name is Wilford.
I do not have a lot of family members that did anything once they left high school. So for once I would like to try something different in life.I attended Deerfield Beach High School as a freshmen but it is not as bad as everyone make it seems.Becoming a lawyer is my dream. I have always been interested in the way people try to argue with each other to prove one another wrong or right.
Basketball is everything to me I believe that if I do not become a lawyer then basketball is my way out. It gives me this feeling that nothing else can be compared.I love reading I like to learn about new authors and it gives me a open mind on things. I am also into music from the 90's.
I may say that I have a lot more dislikes then likes.For example I dislike when adults or anybody tries to yell at me if we are both human beings talk to me with respest.I like to enjoy myself like going out to a movies or even out to eat.I also dislike when people try to prove me wrong (another reason why I will be a good lawyer) I would not stop augring until I am listened to.Another like is when adults allow us to have our feedom we our young adults and we know right from wrong.
When I grow up I would love to become a lawyer.Growning up I watched