My Life Reflection Paper

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I believe that God is the ultimate everlasting Father that lives in me and lives in everyone else’s lives and that our purpose within our short life in the world is to glorify His name and make Him known. This confirmation comes from the blessings and grace God poured out to my family and I till this point, so much more than I should have deserved. It has been a miracle accomplished by God who has truly carried out the light in me as I entered through His narrow gate. Attending a public high school as a missionary child in Hawaii seemed quite unusual to my friends, who asked me why I moved here or how our family made a living. I came to learn that it was the courage that God has permeated in me to reply to my friends that, “God has unmistakably called my family here, and that we live everyday through the miracle of provision that God presents to reveal His love and goodness to me and to you as well”. Like what I told my friends, daily lives of our family was very …show more content…
I started out as a student like everyone else who came from China and Korea, until 2017, when I commenced to volunteer as a mentor for the English camp by the community’s recommendation. The fulfillment of teaching English to younger youths was itself a blessing. I was able to guide students who seemed to resemble myself ten years ago, when I first approached English. This event did not just take place for teaching English itself, but also adapted the importance and skills in public speaking. My significance as a volunteer staff was the time of reflection towards my teaching ability and the potentials I had to share freely to others. Besides the educational aspects, my involvement in the English Camp was a way God has exposed and stretched my interactive aptitude through my gift in leadership. By obtaining a higher education, I wish to live daily with true happiness while being surrounded by children who I once