My Literate Life

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Elise Barrow
Apps of Comp 6th hour
Mrs. Dillon
January 23, 2015
My Literate Life Picture books to books with no pictures at all. Fun short stories to long page books with no pictures at all. Elementary school writing was fun to explore if you really enjoyed writing and to express how you wrote. I remember back in the second grade we would write short stories about our favorite hobbies and I could write for hours about my favorite activities, but now writing has come to MLA format, rubrics, and strict topics I become stumped when it’s time to write. In the 2nd grade was when my excitement of writing began. The whole class would spend hours writing in a journal about their future and adventures they wanted to achieve in life. I loved doing this every week with my class; it was what I looked forward to most every week, I got to express myself in a big way while being so small. My voice and thoughts were heard and that’s what I loved most about writing. I was free and there were no restrictions to what I was allowed to express throughout my paper. As I got bigger, my voice and thoughts were heard even less. High school took away my love for writing and my freedom to write about my dreams. Writing turned into long essays with rubrics and rules of writing, no more freedom. Rubrics made writing more difficult and less enjoyable, there are rules, and that takes out the joy of being able to write what you want and express yourself without any restrictions. I feel as when we