My Love And Pride By Lo Nyambok

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There’s a lot of things we hear about Africa, the main thing that I hear is Africa is full of Aids and its nothing but poor people there. People who don’t really know about Africa lack knowledge on what Africa truly is. My mother Thretha Tarkhan is from Kenya, so knowing that my mother is from Africa I know a lot about there. When people talk about Africa they automatically think about Jungle and people walking around half naked, No education, everyone is sick, and that they are very poor and starving. The worst thing that People have ever said was Africa has no cars. When it comes to Africa people think in the wrong direction. Africa is not the bad things you hear, it’s a beautiful place that I would love to visit.
“My Love and Pride” by Lo Nyambok is a Beautiful video. This video shows all the beautiful cities in Africa, some cities look like the United States. This video is nothing new to me. My mother has shown me a lot of videos and pictures from Africa when she was living there; her recent trip was March 2012. Africa is a wonderful place to visit for Vacation and Touring. People should take the time out and really watch this video especially people with insulting stereotypes towards Africa. Africa has to be one of the most beautiful continents. People should have did research before they made all those untrue comments about Africa.
People have to remember everyone has their own opinion, but when you’re saying untrue things then it has to stop. This assignment was