School Career Days

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Nowadays,more and more schools have career days for their students.Do they really need career days?The answer is obviously yes.On career day,students who are clear about their dreaming job can know the real condition about the job.It can help high school students acquire more information about society’s situation.For students who are not sure what they want to do for future it is a really convenient way to find their job that they are interested in.Based on these reason,it is important for students to join high school career days. High school career days are helpful to students because on that day students can be showed the true situation about their wanted job.For example,there is a woman chosen law at the beginning but latter she realized it makes her disgusted.Finally,she becomes an accountant.Just like this woman,some students just can see the good aspect of their favorite job.Presenters will reveal the whole process of their jobs so that students can know comprehensively about the job.Therefore,career day is a good idea. What is more,the reason why high school need career days is that it is convenient for students to gain more info about social condition.During the presentation,it shows that society needs the number of accountant much more than the number of actors.The data form the presentation indicates the quantity demanded of jobs which helps students know the society.In consequence,it is essential for high school students. The last but not the