My Marketing Plan For A Home Based Childcare Service

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My business plan

1. My marketing plan for my own home based childcare service: My main costumer target (but not exclusively) will be from my own religion. There for I will publish in the websites that are Jewish/Israeli oriented such as Alonondon website, and on several Facebook groups such as London Ima’s. I will also print leaflets and ask if I could put them in synagogues local to me such as Muswell Hill synagogue and New North London Synagogue. I could do pick up from Martin Primary School, so I could put a leaflet on their notice board as well. East Finchley Library is just across the street so I will put a leaflet on their notice board too. I will also make business cards and ‘spread the word’ by telling people about childminding service, I an also telling parents I used to work for a s a nanny or baby-sitting so they could recommend me to others or use me themselves. I can also sign-in with my council website as a childminder and open a profile in childminder websites.

2. My financial planning for my home based service:
Start-up costs:MNT course - 175 pounds, First Aid – 123 pounds, DBS x2 – 104 pounds, Ofstead registration fee – 35 pounds, GP health declaration – 50 pounds, insurance – 50 pounds, first aid kit – 20 pounds, toys 200 pounds. Total – 757 pounds.
My earning: 2 - 4 kids per day (2 toddlers + 2 children above 5), 4 days a week, 10 hours a day, 8 pounds a child. £320 minimum per week (2 kids, 4 half days) – £1,280 maximum per week (4 kids, 4 full days).
My outgoings forecast: my outgoing will include; gas and electric 33% and water and council tax 12% (according to HMRC full time household expanses) , food, toys, outings, books, safety equipment, stationary, travel fares, membership fees or subscriptions organisation, public liability insurance premiums, the actual cost of telephone use for childminding purposes and tax and national insurance. £150 a month (estimated after consulting with a childminder neighbor)
Calculation of how much money I need to set aside for tax and NI (for a yearly maximum estimated incoume) Net profit: £1,280 (If working full time) – £150 = £1,130
Amount to set aside for tax/ni: 30% x £1,130 = £339
My profit: £1,130 – £339 = £795

3. sources of support and information for the setting up and running of my home based childcare business:

Name of support source
Contact ditails
Website + link
Barnet council – Barnet Childminding Team