My Modest Proposal Essay

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My Modest Proposal In recent newspaper headlines, television commercials, and political debates, the topic of social security has constantly been brought to the attention of those who qualify, their loving family members, and the unfortunate young work force. Retirees, disabled persons, unemployed persons, and widows get an average of 2,400 dollars a month paid for by people they don’t even know. This gesture seems fairly noble if you don’t take into consideration the hard working tax payers who force provide for those who cannot support themselves regardless of their desires. Those of us who DO make an honest living aren’t even guaranteed the same benefits once when reach this certain time of our lives. Politicians have been arguing the morality of this act for far too long when really, the solution is simple. Eliminate social security. What about the people who couldn’t support themselves without it? you might ask. Eliminate them too. While the immediate reaction may be that this proposal is rash and unreasonable, it’s a win-win situation for us all. Those who work can use their money more resourcefully and focus on their family and their needs. Those who don’t have this opportunity can end their suffering while and eventually become an effective part of our nation once again. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t suggest we round all these poor folk up and put them in a gas chamber. That’s silly, unethical, and not resourceful by any means. I have designed a way for each subsection of those under the social security act to give back to their nation in a way that’s specific to their inabilities. Retirees are old and in most cases unable to work due to mental and/or physical limitations. A lot of families that don’t have the time or resources to care for their older members, resort to putting them in nursing homes where they are left to die. Instead wasting that money their bodies should be placed in a furnace and burned, and then the ashes pressurized and made into coal and oil. This will reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the economic burden of caring for them. If it saddens friends and family member to do so, we can deliver the new products right to their door. The same should go for mentally disabled persons. As for physically disabled persons, each area should have an inspection