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Hope Stillmock
Ms. Britschgi
AP English and Composition
September 30, 2012
My Motocross Home When cruising along the pitch black highway that runs through Fernley, the mention of a motocross track may appear. Betting the first thing that pops into heads when glancing at the track would be a barren, faded desert. Even though a majority of the time the thought of this place as vapid may be the case, you have to go by that old saying, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Underneath all of that dirt lies an immense amount of memories and emotions that only some are able to experience. Not many know the feeling a simple course can give you, but hopefully through some personal effects and descriptions, people will get a better understanding of this wonted motocross track. First of all I think any individual in general should understand why motocross, which includes the tracks, even appeals to people. Motocross is an adrenaline inducing sport that takes abundance more physical and mental strength than most people recall. The ability to have strength to hold onto an extremely fast motorized vehicle, while trying to jump it through the air and make it turn at very fast speeds it a tad more difficult than people perceive it to be. Although that feeling of danger tingles your body with excitement, having excellent coordination and mental strength to navigate your way through all the obstacles of the track is necessary. To be extremely good at this sport putting in major gym or workout time is essential. Core, legs, arms; basically the entire body needs to be fit, because believe it or not all parts of the body are being thrashed while riding. When you combine a dirt bike and a track that is full of intense, tough obstacles, these types of athletes are bound to have as much fun as a toddler at a playground. Gripping the handlebars of a dirt bike creates a tingling sensation of excitement, while delivering an uninhabited sense of freedom. Knowing the feelings and personal opinions from both sides, once that leg gets thrown over that bike and gets that taste of fear and freedom you’ll never want to get off-unless you crash, of course, but that’s only temporary. As well as a sport, a good amount of people who ride, ride with their friends. So motocross can also be a great activity for a family or a group of friends to enjoy on their free time. Another reason why motocross tracks attract many people is because whether it can be an amateur or pro event, meaning a hobby or an actual paying job to some. The tracks hold races, for the famous or for your locals. Where strangers, your buddies, rivals, everyone and anyone wanting to ride shows up and brings out competitions, friendships and most of all, fun! In my opinion one of the best days involves waking up early, loading up the Dodge Dakota and going to the races. When arriving to the track it heads down a dusty and bumpy dirt road leading to the pit areas. There’s a noticeably big a tree house tower, with a spiral pillar holding it up, worn wood as the platform and a thick metal ladder to help you reach this viewing area. To left of that sits a massive metal container, completely covered with the works of local graffiti artists. This storage holds multiple race flags, extra tires, the gates for the starting line, and basically any other essentials that can help around the track. As you keep going to the left you see the starting gates, where all the fun begins. Forty-two metal gates sit propped up